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Learning Tips

Effective study habits will help you use your study time more productively.


  • Have a regular place to study, free from interruptions and distractions

  • Make sure your study area has good lighting and ventilation

  • Organise your study area so that the necessary resources are accessible



  • Be organised

  • Develop a study schedule that suits your 'up' times

  • Organise your notes and learning materials in folders or files

  • Organise your training material

  • Have folders for each subject


Relaxation and exercise

  • We learn better when we're relaxed - so learn to relax!

  • Look after yourself - eat well and exercise regularly

  • Get enough sleep!

  • Develop a strong support network.

Stay motivated

  • Remind yourself why you're doing the course

  • Reward yourself when major tasks are completed

  • Break things into small tasks - things don't look so daunting if considered in small pieces.

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