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Student Support

We recognise there may be numerous reasons why students require assistance with their training.

For example you may:

  • be returning to a learning environment after an extended break

  • have difficulties with writing because English is your second language

  • have difficulties with reading and writing due to a learning disability


We implement a range of strategies to support you during your learning experience. Before commencing your training with us, you will be given the opportunity to inform us of any specific needs you may have in relation to your learning.

Generally, for the duration of your training program, you'll have the same facilitator who will visit you regularly in your workplace. This will enable them to better understand your specific learning needs and therefore provide you with a relevant and supported training program. If appropriate, our facilitator can also liaise with your supervisor/line manager should you require any specific support within your work environment.

Should you require any learning assistance, the following options are available to you.

  • one-on-one support and tutoring

  • assistance with time management

  • assistance with preparation for assessments

  • assistance with language support

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